Omar Bahm of Crypt0 News interviews Trace Mayer On Cryptocurrency Developer Incompetence

Omar Bahm of Crypt0 News interviews Trace Mayer about cryptocurrency developer incompetence and the $32m Ethereum Parity wallet hack.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell On Scalability

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world discusses many different aspects of scalability in the cryptocurrency industry.

The 202,000 bitcoins held by the MtGox trustee are not being distributed mainly because of Peter Vessenes.

Jobs available at Kraken.

There Is No Room For Ego In Bitcoin

Future Money Trends interviews legendary guest with us! Trace Mayer will be giving us his expert opinions into the current bullish Bitcoin market, with Bitcoin above $2000 many skeptics are starting to embrace Bitcoin’s innovative trend.

How To Protect And Profit From Upcoming Bitcoin BIP 148 Fork

Jeff Berwick interviews crypto-expert, Trace Mayer, in a TDV subscriber first release interview, topics include: BTC segwit adoption, user activated BIP148 softfork to force segwit, BIP 148 coming ready or not, bitcoin scalability, the risks of forking the blockchain, community power, the true value of miners, securing your bitcoin through the upcoming UASF.

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