Kraken CEO Jesse Powell On Scalability

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world discusses many different aspects of scalability in the cryptocurrency industry.

The 202,000 bitcoins held by the MtGox trustee are not being distributed mainly because of Peter Vessenes.

Jobs available at Kraken.

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell on Bitcoin exchange business

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell discusses exchange business, MtGox receivership and best security practices.

Coin Telegraph May 2014 comprehensive crypto-currency exchange review with Kraken ranked #1.

New Mexico LLC information.

Money 2020 Bitcoin CEOs Explain The Basics panel

Money 2020 – Bitcoin CEOs Explain The Basics panel with Trace Mayer, Investor (Moderator), Nic Cary, CEO, Blockchain, Jesse Powell, Co-Founder & CEO, Kraken and Alan Reiner, CEO, Armory Technologies.