Bits Blocks and Forks and the Story of Bitcoin

Real Vision’s Adventures In Finance where we discuss the history and future of Bitcoin and blockchain.

The origins of bitcoin predate most people’s understanding and this week, with the aid of Trace Mayer, of The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast, and Bruce Kleinman, author of The Bitcoin Tutorial, we trace the rise of bitcoin and the blockchain from their unceremonious unveiling to the world in a simple, pseudonymous 8-page White Paper in October 2008 to the recent hard and soft forks.

We look at the architecture and the technology underpinning this revolutionary protocol, decode some of the more complex ideas and, amidst a tsunami of ICO offerings, try to assess the future for cryptocurrencies in general and Bitcoin in particular.

A response to CoinTelegraph Fake News with a case for and against $27000 Bitcoin

A response to fake news on the case for and against $27,000 Bitcoin in four months. 6 June 2016 CrushTheStreet interview where I called the shot on this bull market with Bitcoin at $600 going to at least $3,000. The article mentioned with many other price predictions.

Note: As best as I can tell, the CT fake news writer, David Dinkins, never attempted to contact me to ask for any clarification on the Tweet.


An interview with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network. Government will likely be unable to control it or stop it. Therefore, a brighter future for bitcoin and that even GoldMoney is thinking about integrating with bitcoin.

Because the quantity of bitcoins are limited and governments cannot create more and demand for bitcoins has been increasing therefore the BitCoin price has been increasing. As more people and companies embrace this new cryptographic protocol standard the Bitcoin juggernaut will keep gaining mass and momentum.

On another note, I just got an advance review copy of Kerry’s Forget Wall Street – Go For The Gold And Silver Too and am looking forward to reading it. I will likely be writing a review of it soon.