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THE GLOBAL ECONOMY IS BUILT ON A DERIVATIVE ILLUSION. As the great credit contraction grinds on, the importance of performing accurate mental calculations of value will become more and more important. Every major country, including the United States, uses a fiat currency illusion as its legal tender. Even more troubling is that the world’s reserve currency—the United States Federal Reserve Note Dollar (FRN$)—is a currency illusion. This system is evaporating before our very eyes. This book describes the background leading to this evaporation, which I call the Great Credit Contraction, sorts through complicated economic nomenclature, determines the root causes of the credit contraction evaporation, and suggests ways to maintain wealth during this global economic crisis.

This book opens by discussing the development of money in the market. Understanding the historical landscape will provide the reader a perspective of where we currently are and what is likely to happen to the market in the future. To date, the development and rise of fractional reserve banking has perpetuated the inflationary credit expansion. During this process, fiat currency has risen to dominance with the culmination of FRN$ as the world’s reserve currency.

In summary, this book is an autopsy of the current worldwide monetary and financial system beginning with a brief overview of financial history, the current great deflationary credit contraction, and

projecting the future environment. It concludes with suggestions on how to generate and preserve wealth in this challenging time, and the appendix contains a deeper analysis of important topics.

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