Stephan Livera interviews Trace Mayer about Proof of Keys.

In SLP133 on 13 December 2019 Stephan Livera, Host of The Stephan Livera Podcast interviews Trace Mayer about Proof of Keys and privacy.

About halfway through this episode Mayer declared:

When claiming our monetary sovereignty we have two massive theaters of war like Europe and the Pacific. Europe that is scarcity. That is having the hardest money ever. And with Bitcoin we are winning that battle. We are winning that war in that particular theater.

The privacy, anonymity and fungibility battle will have to take place over in the Pacific. It is a different battle. And there are going to be different tools that people are going to have to use when fighting that battle. Even Satoshi himself in Section 10 of the Bitcoin whitepaper acknowledged that Bitcoin had a very problematic technological hampering when it came to privacy...

That privacy, anonymity and fungibility debate being an entirely new front where the war for monetary sovereignty is going to get opened up and there is going to be a lot of stuff happening over there that is not going to be happening on the scarcity front with Bitcoin.

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Show Notes

  • Intro - 0:00 - 0:45
  • Proof of Keys - 0:46 - 5:00
  • Tools and best practices - 5:01 - 10:00
  • The battle for scarcity and the battle for privacy - 10:01 - 15:00
  • Mises’ book, Bureaucracy - 15:01 - 20:00
  • Monetary Sovereignty - 20:01 - 25:00
  • Proof of Keys - 25:01 - 28:21
  • Outro - 28:22 - 29:33