Trace Mayer has conducted many interviews with legendary guests from the Bitcoin world. On this page, you can easily find some of the most legendary interviews with the highest quality guests.

There are Seven Network Effects of Bitcoin. Start with the first network effect of speculation, move to the fifth network effect of developers and finish up with the sixth network effect of financialization.

A Week With Adam Back in September 2015

Dr. Adam Back is the premier expert in the world on blockchain technology and is currently pioneering the sidechains project for the core Bitcoin protocol.

He has worked on e-cash protocols since 1995 as an applied cryptographer and is cited by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin whitepaper as the inventor of the Hashcash proof-of-work and decentralized mining used in Bitcoin security.

He was an architect and cryptographer at Zero-Knowledge Systems working on its Freedom network, a precursor to Tor. Most recently, Adam co-founded Picorp which was acquired by EMC.

He holds a Ph.D. in distributed systems and computer science from the University of Exeter.

Fifth Network Effect - Developers

  • A Week With Adam Back - Part 1 - Why is Dr. Back so legendary?
  • A Week With Adam Back - Part 2 - Who are the top Bitcoin developers?
  • A Week With Adam Back - Part 3 - Confidential Transactions
  • A Week With Adam Back - Part 4 - Lightning Network
  • A Week With Adam Back - Part 5 - Sidechains

Notable Episodes

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Episode 235 - Interview with Noded Podcast where Trace Mayer coins the term The Hodler of Last Resort.