Had a 20,000 feet view interview with Kerry Lutz. Let’s make 2012 epic!

Trace Mayer’s blog, www.RuntoGold.com, in addition to precious metals investing, covers a wide range of topics. Trace is an attorney, entrepreneur, author of The Great Credit Contraction and all around renaissance man. He reviews his trend predictions for 2012 and believes that all is not lost. Technology is freeing more and more people to pursue their dreams and their passions. Debt slavery is a major challenge, but the collapsing financial debt driven paradigm should liberate many from debtor servitude.

More importantly, people must take an honest inventory of their financial and personal assets and liabilities. Before taking on large amounts of student debt, young people must be absolutely certain that they will achieve a positive return on this large investment. But first we must survive the current economic crisis. The need to find viable career alternatives which provide sufficient income and personal satisfaction is greater than ever. Trace is someone who has been very successful in this regard.

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