Trader Cobb Interviews Trace Mayer About Trading

Trader Cobb interviews Trace Mayer about trading strategy, the future of bitcoin, financial innovation and financial analysis.


How did Trace Mayer get into bitcoin? 1:15

What is a tool I can use to predict the BTC price? 3:30

What is the ethos of bitcoin? 5:20

Trace explains how to minimize failures. 10:20

TraderCobb talks about the importance of conviction in trading.  12:54

Trace talks about the 7 network effects 16:25

Trace Mayer explains how he has returned 7X as much as Warren Buffet 19.23

Trace Mayer explains his investments and why he made them. 20:35

What is the most exciting area in blockchain right now and what is the biggest hurdle? 24:30

Why the blockchain revolution will happen faster than the internet. 28:05


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