Brian Donegan discusses the progress of Crypto Island.

[Brian Donegan] ( discusses the progress of [Crypto Island] (

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Show Notes

  • Donegan explains how the Isle of Man is regulating to become a bitcoin/blockchain valley. 1:00
  • Donegan explains why the Isle of Man is such a great place for digital business. 4:00
  • Donegan explains the 160-million-dollar Isle of Man investment fund. 5:30
  • Where does the Isle of Man get their talent? 7:05
  • How friendly is the Isle of Man to outsiders? 9:05
  • How does Brexit impact the Isle of Man? 10:15
  • How easy is it for a business to go to the Isle of Man? 13:06
  • What does the Isle of Man say about crypto exchanges? 16:40
  • Donegan’s general thoughts on the crypto/blockchain industry. 20:10