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Exciting 2018 Innovations in the Bitcoin Space

Max Keiser interviews Trace Mayer about exciting 2018 innovations in the Bitcoin space.

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Brock Pierce Discusses Bitcoin Stories

Crypto Currency Partners managing partner Brock Pierce discusses the Bitcoin stories and raising capital.

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Hosho Founder Hartej Sawhney About Blockchain Security

Hosho Group founder Hartej Sawhney talks about blockchain security, smart contract auditing, and wallet security.

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Protect Yourself From Segwit2X With Monetary Sovereignty

Crypto Cousins Podcast hosts Gary Leland and Tony Cecala interview Trace Mayer about protecting yourself from Segwit2X with monetary sovereignty.

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Bits Blocks and Forks and the Story of Bitcoin

Real Vision's Adventures In Finance where we discuss the history and future of Bitcoin and blockchain.

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Behind The Mic

Trace Mayer

Show Host

Bitcoin thought leader.

Early Bitcoin advocate since it cost a quarter, has a core purpose to bring monetary sovereignty to individuals and an investor in core blockchain infrastructure including Armory, Bitpay and Kraken.

Dr. Adam Back


Blockstream CEO.

The Gandalf of Bitcoin.

Ph.D. in Distributed Systems.

Cited in the TOR and Bitcoin whitepapers. Inventor of proof of work which is a critical component of Bitcoin.

Be sure to listen to The Week With Adam Back.

Caitlin Long


Pension settlement expert.

The Galadriel of Bitcoin.

22-year Wall Street veteran and blockchain and Bitcoin enthusiast.

Must listen interview about the financilization of Bitcoin with Wall Street and institutional investors.

Saife Ammous


The Bitcoin Standard author.

The Gimli of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin economist. Ph.D. in Sustainable Development from Columbia University.

Associate professor of economics at Adnan Kassar School of Business and a foreign member of the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University.

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The host is an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, monetary scientist and ardent defender of the freedom of speech. He holds accounting and law degrees and has studied Austrian economics focusing on the work of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises.

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