Bitcoin Economist Saifedean Ammous on time preference.

Saifedean Ammous talks about time preference and how that has influenced civilization throughout history.


Show Notes

  • 00:00:46 - Welcome & Intro.
  • 00:01:32 - Trace and Saifidean give definitions for time preference and explain why it is important.
  • 00:07:16 - Saifidean gives an example of someone with high time preference.
  • 00:09:46 - How does time preference and money play into the growth of the individual and society?
  • 00:12:35 - Hard money has always been involved in societal growth.
  • 00:16:01 - It is the lowering of time preference that initiates the process of civilization.
  • 00:17:36 - Health, wealth, experiences and relationships are the pillars to a fulfilled life and BTC as sound money can help improve every area.
  • 00:23:26 - All major world religions have had doctrine related to sound money.
  • 00:24:56 - The role of time preference in the family and how the lowering of time preference has hurt families.
  • 00:27:46 - A discussion on Keynes and his time preference.
  • 00:33:51 - Every moment of your life you are making decisions that will make your life better or worse.